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1. So, what is DevFest Lagos 2023?

2. When and where is DevFest Lagos 2023 taking place?

3. How can I register for DevFest Lagos 2023?

4. Is DevFest Lagos 2023 the first edition of this event?

5. Who is organizing DevFest Lagos 2023?

6. What topics will be covered during the event?

7. Is DevFest Lagos 2023 only for Google-related technologies?

8. Who are the sponsors and partners of DevFest Lagos 2023?

9. What can I expect from DevFest Lagos 2023?

10. Is there a code of conduct for attendees?

11. How can I get updates and announcements about DevFest Lagos 2023?

12. How can I contact the organizers if I have additional questions?

13. Will there be a livestream of the event for remote attendees?

14. Can I transfer my ticket to someone else if I am unable to attend?

15. Are there limited seats available for the event?

16. When do the Early Bird ticket sales end?

17. Can I still submit a proposal for a session or workshop (Call for Papers)?

18. Will the sessions be recorded, and will they be available for viewing later?

19. Can I volunteer to help make DevFest Lagos 2023 a success?

Why is DevFest Lagos 2023 a paid event?

Q1. Why do I have to pay for DevFest Lagos 2023 when previous editions were free?

Q2. What benefits do I get from purchasing a ticket?

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